Wednesday, March 30, 2011

2011 MLB Predictions

Twenty years ago, the Atlanta Braves and the Minnesota Twins did what no other team had ever done before. They were the first two teams to go from worst-to-first (finishing last in their division one year and first in it the following year).

As fate would have it, the Braves and Twins met in the World Series that year. It was one of the greatest Fall Classics of the last quarter-century. But, as a Braves fan, the outcome of that Series was less than desirable.

Now, 20 years later, both teams are in a position to try to make it back to the big stage. Opening Day is only a few hours from now and the old adages are still true.

- Hope springs eternal.

- New season, new hope.

- Everyone's tied for first.

But we all know that six short months from now, there will only be eight teams standing, fighting in October for the title of World Champion. Ever since that 1991 season concluded, the Sultan has sat down and written (at first, then came the internet) down my humble predictions for the season.

Sometimes I'm right, sometimes I'm WAY off. But it's always a lot of fun. So without further adieu, here are my predictions for the 2011 season (20th anniversary edition).

American League

Boston- 107-55
New York- 97-65
Toronto- 90-72
Tampa Bay- 84-78
Baltimore- 64-98

Chicago- 93-69
Minnesota- 89-73
Detroit- 86-76
Cleveland- 67-95
Kansas City- 53-109

Oakland- 91-71
Texas- 89-73
Los Angeles- 82-80
Seattle- 73-89

MVP- Adrian Gonzalez (Boston)- .315/42/130
Cy Young- CC Sabathia (New York)- 22-8/3.05/224
ROY- Dustin Ackley (Seattle)- .285/18/55

ALDS- Boston def. Oakland
ALDS- Chicago def. New York

ALCS- Boston def. Chicago

National League

Philadelphia- 99-63
Atlanta- 95-67
Florida- 84-78
Washington- 71-91
New York- 61-101

Milwaukee- 93-69
Cincinnati- 90-72
St. Louis- 88-74
Chicago- 83-79
Houston- 72-90
Pittsburgh- 64-98

San Francisco- 94-68
Colorado- 89-73
Los Angeles- 84-78
San Diego- 76-86
Arizona- 68-94

MVP- Albert Pujols (St. Louis)- .327/43/128
Cy Young- Cliff Lee (Philadelphia)- 22-8/2.57/210
ROY- Freddie Freeman (Atlanta)- .305/15/74

NLDS- Philadelphia def. Milwaukee
NLDS- Atlanta def. San Francisco

NLCS- Atlanta def. Philadelphia

World Series- Atlanta def. Boston

So there you have it. For this first time in twenty years, I am picking my favorite team to win the World Series. But it's not a homer pick. They are a legitimate title contender this year and I think they can pull it off.

Right or wrong, I'll be here every two weeks with an update to see how my picks are stacking up.

Thanks for reading.

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